Blinds Declared ‘Overheating Solution’ by Climate Committee

Calendar 29/09/2021
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woman looks through blinds

At Cooks Blinds and Shutters Ltd, we’re very conscious of climate change and like to make sure we’re doing what we can to help our planet. Blinds and shutters have recently been affirmed as a means to reduce the impact of overheating by the UK Government. 

In the UK, each year comes with increasingly high temperatures that millions of homes have not been built to withstand, causing concern for the nation’s health and wellbeing. And whilst air-conditioning has proven a great method of cooling a home, it comes at a high cost and requires a great deal of energy to run. So if you want to cool your home without burning fossil fuels, look to solar shading!

Solar shading - the catch all term for blinds, shutters and curtains - has proven to be able to lower temperatures in the home by up to 18 degrees. Solar shading has also shown to offer benefits during the colder months, allowing heat from the sun in during the day and trapping it during the night when closed.

We provide a huge range of solar shading that can help combat overheating in the home, such as awnings, blinds, plantation shutters and much more.

To find out more about these issues and what you can do to reduce carbon emissions and fight global heating, read the Climate Change Committee’s Progress Report to Parliament.

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