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Product Description

All the cassettes supplied with our roll down screens are continuous over the entire width of the blind making them easy to operate and install, whether fixed to a window for solar shading or to the front of a pergola for protection from the weather. Although there is a maximum length for a single screen of up to 6 metres depending on type, we can cover any size of window or opening by coupling screens to increase the coverage.

Screens are available with either gear or electric operation, side guides with the option of zipped fabric retention for increased stability, or with fairly indiscreet stainless steel side guide wires. As with all products these screens are have been manufactured to be as durable and robust as possible, are extremely low maintenance, some tested to level 8 – 9 on the Beaufort scale.

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Our awnings are available in a range of fabrics and designs. To see a selection of our available fabrics, please click on the links below

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