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Shade sails

These come in many different shapes and sizes, although mainly seen in a triangular or rectangular format, this type of solar shading system relies on a piece of shaped fabric under controlled tension, between a series of fixed posts or wall mounted brackets, posts are available in steel or timber, the fabric of a woven - treated polyester but surprisingly robust.

Brise Soleil

Cooks can supply and install Brise Soleil fixed sunscreening, which are produced in a range of louvred or ellipsoid aluminium blade styles and painted to desired colour to compliment or match the fabric of the building. The size of the solar shading required by any property depends on a number of variable factors including the position and elevation of your property. For a more information on whether or not your property can benefit from solar shading, please get in contact with us and we can discuss the options available to you.

External Venetians

Without a doubt one of the most efficient types of solar shading available, used extensively on the continent, more than the UK, these blinds are suitable for either commercial or domestic applications, they come in a variety of slat sizes, are available in a choice of colours, and are retracted and tilted electrically, can be operated individually or with group command two or more, and are ideal for large and high level windows, particularly efficient on east and west elevations where the sun can be extremely low in the winter months.

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Our awnings are available in a range of fabrics and designs. To see a selection of our available fabrics, please click on the links below

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