Cooks Blinds & Shutters Years Service

Complaint Handling Policy

At Cooks Blinds & Shutters Ltd, we strive to offer you the best quality products and a high standard of customer service. Any complaint we receive is viewed as an opportunity to learn and improve. If you are not completely satisfied with the product or service that you have received from us, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible.

You can contact us in the following ways:

Call: You can speak to one of our sales team by calling 01603 410304

Email: You can email your complaint to

Post: You can send us details of your complaint to Cooks Blinds & Shutters Ltd, Burnet Road, Sweet Briar Industrial Estate, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 2BS

Showroom: You can speak to us in person by visiting our showroom at the address listed above. Our showroom is open Monday to Friday between 08:00am and 17:00pm, and between 08:30 and 12:30pm on Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.