We offer a comprehensive repair service across our product range. From an awning or garage door that has sustained vehicle damage to replacing the material on your faded blind, we have 50 years of experience and expertise to make the repairs efficiently and cost effectively. Some of the most common repair services we provide are listed below:

  • Awning Repair - Recovering because of age, repairs due to vehicle impact, user error, component and motor failure, storm damage, user error and motor failure.
  • Blind Repair - Replacement of cords, fabrics and components as required. Over time and due to atmospheric conditions, UV and central heating, blinds can wear, fade and fail.
  • Shutter Repair - General wear and tear will over time require adjustments to spring balances, replacement of motors, locks and broken slats.
  • Garage Door Repair - The most common faults, usually due to wear and tear, are found with wheels, cables, locks and handles. We offer replacement remote control hand transmitters.
  • Security Grille Repair - Over time, and sometimes due to damage, adjustment is required to spring balances or replacement of motors and broken components.
  • Folding Partition Repair - Mainly requiring adjustments to the doors, as over time wear and tear, or accidental damage will cause doors to drop or lose their sound proofing qualities.


In addition to our repair services, we also offer comprehensive, periodic, maintenance service contracts so you can ensure our extensive range of products continue to function properly, stay looking good and remain safe for the duration of their lifespan. We tailor specific maintenance contracts, to suit your requirements, for the following products:

  • Awning Maintenance - For commercial and domestic installations we can attend a periodic maintenance service, checking fixing, heights, level, and ensuring safety features are sound.
  • Blind Maintenance - For larger installations, such as hospitals and schools, we offer a total repairs and maintenance service on internal blinds, tracks and curtains.
  • Shutter Maintenance - For hotels, village halls, small commercial projects and doctor’s surgeries we offer a total repairs and maintenance contract, including a complete periodic assessment.
  • Garage Door Maintenance - For clients with electric garage doors we offer an annual service and maintenance contract to ensure the safety and general operation of the door is working satisfactorily.
  • Security Grille Maintenance - We provide a complete periodic service and maintenance contract to ensure the optimum security and safety is sustained.
  • Folding Partition Maintenance - This includes lubricating, checking fixings and general operation to ensure partitions operates in a smooth and safe manor.

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