A Guide to Commercial Security Grilles and Shutters

Calendar 13/04/2018
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If you’re looking to improve the security of your business, you may be overwhelmed by the number of available products on the market. Commercial security grilles and shutters have applications for both interior and exterior security, making them a popular choice within the retail and hospitality sectors, as well being a great choice for workshops, underground car park access, garages and farm buildings. This handy guide will explain the differences between the best shutter and grille options, explaining security benefits, automation controls and of course aesthetic considerations. 

shop front security shutters

Roller Shutters

A common sight on high streets and in shopping malls, classic roller shutters are available in a number of finishes including basic galvanised steel, plastisol coated steel laths or a durable polyester powder coat paint finish to match the décor of the building. 

These are extremely durable and a great security deterrent, the interlocking galvanised laths are secured with pressed steel endlocks, with the shutter curtain retained within a steel guide. 

Manual operation or automation is available via remote, key or radio control. 

See through perforated shutters

See-Through Shutters

For locations where security is as important as appearance, perforated shutters provide a solution that allows for ‘window shopping’ or a less intimidating presence than standard roller shutters. Available in a vast array of designs and colours, with options to combine solid and perforated sections, these are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Locking can be fitted to the base or shootbolts, and the robust construction of aluminium and nylon, with options for polycarbonate glazing, provides a deceptively strong barrier.  

Manual operation or automation is available via remote, key or radio control. 

Serving hatch and reception shutters

Serving Hatch and Reception Shutters

Roller shutters and perforated shutters are also available made to fit serving hatches, bars and reception areas – providing the same strength, security and controls as above. 

As well as the aluminium and steel options, we are also able to provide timber shutters and grilles for reception and hospitality areas that require a barrier as aesthetically appealing as possible. Made from a wide choice of real woods and a number of designs – or even custom designs – this is a great option for bars or receptions in hotels where a physical barrier is needed but appearances are equally important. 

Manual operation or automation is available via remote, key or radio control.

sliding lattice grilles

Sliding Grilles

Folding grilles are suitable for window and doorway security or a means for securely partitioning areas. Available in a range of attractive lattice designs, these versatile grilles can be hung horizontally or vertically and can have fixed or removable tracks – or even no tracks at all! 

Despite their stylish appearance, these are strong, made from anti-cut steel bars and locked securely into position with a number of locking options. 

Manually operated. 

Fixed security grilles

Fixed Security Grilles 

Fixed grilles are a discreet, low maintenance and cost-effective solution in vulnerable areas such as windows. Finely perforated galvanised steel mesh is secured by an aluminium frame, which from a distance looks like tinted glass but up close provides a strong visual and physical deterrent. The unobtrusive designs such as this provide light and vision without compromising on strength. 

Fixed grilles are made to measure for a seamless fit and aren’t designed for moving, so there are no operational controls. 

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