Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Calendar 14/09/2018
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Hare Rae Busta painted by Alex Egan for GoGoHares 2018

We’ve said F’Harewell to the beautiful hares lining the streets of Norwich and Norfolk, but there’s still a chance to see the magnificent drove at a special event next month! All of the hares, plus two that weren’t on the trail, will be at the ‘Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow’ event at The Forum from 7th-10th October where you’ll be able to see Hare Rae Busta, buy merchandise and raffle tickets for your chance to win a hare! 

Before Hare Rae Busta vacated her spot outside City Hall, GoGo Fan Alex (@Gone_BananHares) took some beautiful photos of the incredible detail and the many hares that adorn her. If you haven’t had a chance to appreciate the stunning artistry that’s gone into Hare Rae Busta, painted by Alex Egan, be sure to attend the event at The Forum next month. Hare Rae Busta will be alongside 69 beautiful hares, and there will also be the chance to meet the artists who worked so hard to bring the trail to life! 

Find out more and book tickets for the ‘Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow’ event at The Forum here

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