Installation: Copper House Distillery at Adnams Brewery

Calendar 06/09/2017
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The seaside town of Southwold in Suffolk is famous for its sandy beaches, traditional pier entertainment and Adnams beer. But beer isn’t the only drink that Adnams manufacture. They have recently diversified into spirits. The production of their premium vodka and gin ranges takes place in the Copper House Distillery in Southwold. This was the site of a recent installation by Cooks Blinds and Shutters Ltd.

The Brief

Adnams distillery blackout blinds - shut

Distilling premium spirits is a 24-hour operation. However, Southwold is a daytime town – its streets and beaches are busy when the sun is shining and deserted at night. Adnams was eager not to upset residents by having bright lights shining out of its distillery throughout the night. They called in us to install ten electrically operated internal blackout roller blinds.

The Blinds

Adnams distillery blackout blinds - open

The ten blinds were all installed using the R101 framed cassette roller system. These modern blackout roller blinds incorporate fabric tooth technology. This retains the fabric in the side guides. The blinds are controlled by an automatic timer which has been programmed to raise and lower the blinds during the hours of darkness throughout the seasons. They will also be used to reduce solar heat gain during the warm summer days, helping the distillery to operate more efficiently.

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