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Macmillan Coffee Morning 2018

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning held annually on or around the 28th September is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event. All over the UK people in schools, offices, library’s or just in their own home, host their very own coffee mornings where donations on the day for tea, coffee and cake are made to Macmillan. 

The very first coffee morning took place in 1990; although a much smaller affair than today’s events, it proved to be a very popular and effective way of raising money. Macmillan held it again the following year and it has since become an annual event that has in turn raised over £200 million for cancer support; 2017 alone raised £27 million! 

Macmillan provide an incredible service to those affected by cancer; they understand that it affects peoples whole lives – money, health, family, jobs, EVERYTHING. They understand that what works for one person won’t work for another and that the most important thing is to treat people as individual; not just as patients. They have dedicated their time to understanding the support those affected by cancer need to live their lives as fully as they can; ensuring that no one has to face it alone. 

Macmillan Coffee Morning 26 September 2018

We, the accounts office at Cooks Blinds & Shutters decided that having a coffee morning is the perfect excuse to catch up over a cup of tea; or more realistically have the perfect excuse to enjoy some ‘calorie free’ delicious cake. (Don’t tell me I’m wrong in thinking that cakes eaten in the course of fundraising aren’t calorie free?!) 

We have all been affected by cancer in one way or another and would love to think that we have played our part in helping those that are too often affected live their best lives and enjoy every day.  

We’d love to see some friendly faces come along. The promise of good cake and good company must certainly too much to refuse?! 

Wednesday 26th September, between 9am-4pm, 1 Page Road. 

(Better known as the accounts office.) 

See you there!

Cooks Blinds Macmillan Coffee Morning