Matching Garage and Entrance Doors

Calendar 06/04/2018
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A property with matching doors.

A co-ordinated approach to the exterior of your home will vastly improve kerb appeal, and that’s something to consider whether you’re planning on moving in a few years or never again. Kerb appeal instils pride in your home, bumps up house prices and quite often encourages neighbours to keep up too! 

A property with matching doors.

Co-ordinating the colour scheme of your home’s exterior is a good place to start, often the colour of the brick or render will determine the palette, with the house’s ‘accessories’ being complementary or contrasting depending on the style. The window frames, doors, fencing, plants and paving all contribute to the overall colour scheme and can be used as accents to bring out certain colours. 

Another property with matching doors.

Matching the colour of windows frames and doors is common, but what about the garage door? Whether being bought together or separately, matching garage doors and entrance doors are available in an absolutely huge range of colours, styles, patterns and finishes. If you’re buying a new door that you want to match an existing door we can help you find the perfect colour and style so that they look alike, or if you’re buying both at the same time we can offer literally 1000s of options to suit your property. 

When looking at the front of a property, a garage door often takes up far more cumulative space than window frames or doors – so why neglect such a large area? Make it as stylish as the rest of the house! 

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