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Double Width Hormann Rollmatic Garage Door

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White Hormann RollMatic Garage Door installed by Cooks Blinds in Norfolk

Our garages team installed a stunning new Hormann RollMatic door for a customer in North Norfolk. The large garage door in white is a timeless design, perfect for properties of all ages and ideal for this home with a cream render and country cottage exterior. 

After removing the existing garage door and framework, our team installed a new electrically operated Hormann RollMatic door fitting behind the opening. At a size of over 4 x 2 metres, the large door opens up into a fully enclosed hood inside the garage, the neat and minimal design of the door complemented by it having no exterior handles or accessories. As well as providing a smart and minimalist look to the door, the lack of handles adds to the high security of the door - with no lock to pick, and ultra tight weather seals on all sides the door is strong against trespassers as well as wind, rain and leaves. 

Complete with two hand held remote controls, the door opens quickly and quietly at just a touch of a button allowing the homeowners to drive right in and out of the garage. The remote controls use Hormann’s Bisecur technology for secure access, and the internal manual override ensures the garage can be opened in case of a power cut. 

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