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Cooks Sponsor Sculpture on the GoGo T-Rex Trail

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hawker the dinosaur

Meet “Hawker”, the Cooks-sponsored GoGo Discover T-Rex statue  that has appeared on Ber Street near John Lewis in the city centre of Norwich. It’s one of 21 T-Rex sculptures that are on display all over Norwich this summer.

Public Art

The Go-Go sculpture trails have been a mainstay of public art in Norwich for over a decade. The summer appearances of large statues, each uniquely decorated by a local artist, take a different iteration each time. Past trails have featured Dragons, Gorillas, Hares and Elephants. This year, it’s the turn of the ferocious T-Rex.

Charity Auction

This year, as in previous years, Cooks has been approached to sponsor a sculpture. We pay for the artwork and installation up front so that when the sculptures are auctioned at the end of the season all the money raised goes straight to Break - a charity that supports vulnerable children and their families.

Talented Artist

Once again our artist - this year we were partnered with the incredibly talented Lisa Kirkham - has done an amazing job. The theme of the artwork on our T-rex is the dragonfly. Entomologists among you will recognise that the name “Hawker” references the hawker subspecies of dragonfly that includes the endangered Norfolk Hawker native to this county.

Find out more and download a map of where to find the T-Rex statues on the GoGo Discover section of the Break website.

hawker Trex front view