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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Winter

Blinds and Curtains, Garage Doors, Entrance Doors

As the nights draw in and the temperature falls, making your home better insulated becomes a top priority. Reducing heat loss from doors and windows not only eliminates horrible draughts, but makes your home more energy efficient too which in turn reduces your heating bills. Paying attention to areas such as garage doors and conservatories can have a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency, so follow our top tips for a cosy home this winter. 


Even if your windows are double glazed, curtains and blinds provide an additional layer of thermal protection to keep in the warmth. Heavy curtains, or curtains lined with special insulating fabric are a great choice as are cellular blinds – also known as honeycomb blinds – which trap air to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Cellular Blinds for Windows and Conservatories


Cellular blinds can also be fitted in conservatories, which can be a huge source of heat loss in the home –  double or even triple glazing is less insulating than uninsulated cavity walls. Blinds which fit into the frame of windows, such as Intu blinds, are ideal for conservatories and patio doors while motorised blinds from Somfy and Louvolite make it easy to operate hard to reach windows – just press a button!


Entrance doors can be major weak point for energy efficient homes, choosing a door with thermal insulation, filled frame and double or triple seals makes for a warmer home. As well as your front door, pay attention to your back door and door leading into a garage. We supply ranges of doors from Hormann which are exceptionally thermally insulated and available in a huge range of modern and traditional styles, with decorative glass and stylish features without compromising on security or efficiency. 

Thermally Insulated Garage and Entrance DoorsGarage Doors

Garages often don’t have the same insulation as the rest of your home, and if you have a garage which can be accessed through the house then it can often be the cause of a cold draught – particularly if the access is through a kitchen or utility room with hard floors. Choosing an insulated garage door, with weather tight seals around the edge can make a huge difference to your home, stopping draughts as well as rain and debris entering! A sectional garage door, such as the excellent LPU 67 from Hormann is an attractive choice that’s double skinned and has double lips seals along the edges and bottom of the door which also compensates for an uneven floor. 

Visit our showroom to see many of our ranges on display and receive expert advice from our friendly team on making your home more energy efficient and more stylish! 

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