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Hormann Aluminium Entrance Doors

These strong aluminium doors are constructed to give you the highest thermal insulation possible, making them the perfect choice for a low energy house. More than just a functional item, they are available in over forty distinct styles and looks, ranging from traditional panel and window designs through to more modern and even artistic finishes.

Our Ranges

At Cooks Blinds we are able to offer a number of different ranges of entrance doors from Hormann, one of the leading names in the industry. They are all made from a robust aluminium construction, they feature stainless steel fittings, and come with a ten year guarantee as standard. These are as follows:

Thermo Safe - These doors provide you with the necessary insulation for a low energy house. With triple glazing made of safety glass and a number of security features, these standard doors offer you a great level of protection.

ThermoCarbon - Offering a similar level of security to the ThermoSafe doors, the ThermoCarbon range can also be provided with quadruple glazing and triple sealing, giving you the option for the maximum thermal insulation possible.

TopComfort - Featuring the option for large glass panels, the TopComfort doors can be supplied with full glazing to allow the maximum amount of light into your property, whilst not having to compromise on safety.

Laminated Safety Glass

The glass in our Hormann Entrance Doors uses 8mm thick laminated safety glass on the inside and outside of the glazing. This not only provides you with an excellent level of heat retention inside your property, but it also makes it harder for an intruder to potentially break through the glass and gain any access. As this is safety glass, if for some reason there is a breakage, the broken glass will turn into shards and stick to the laminated layer.

Security Features

All of our Hormann entrance doors feature a number of security devices. These include concealed hinges that sit between the door frame and leaf, which are not accessible from either the inside or the outside of your property. They use a number of locking points throughout the door. The internal workings of the door are made from strong and robust stainless steel, and the locking cylinders feature anti-theft devices such as drill protection and an anti-picking system.

Hormann Doors for Your Home

Hormann can also provide you with a number of standard doors for your home, available in a number of preferred colours and finishes. This range includes doors specifically made for your outhouse, utility room or boiler room and internal doors that sit between your garage and the rest of your house. Depending on your usage they can be supplied with a number of different features, ranging from fire resistance through to high quality locking systems.


All of the Hormann Doors for Your Home offer a good degree of thermal insulation. They can be supplied with glazed panels, smooth and quiet closing systems, and are flexible enough to be used throughout your property. With structural integrity built into their strong and stable design, and a choice of different types of glass panelling including different degrees of frosting, it is possible for us to provide you with a door that fits to the most exacting of specifications.

Steel Frames

All of our Hormann Doors for Your Home will fit in the standard frames. These are supplied ready to mount in your doorway and are available in both corner and profile frames. They can be easily welded to screws or clamps that are contained within your brickwork and the galvanised steel construction is engineered to last.

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