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Product Description

Glass sliding doors

Weinor, one of the top names in the industry, supplies our glass sliding doors, with top and bottom track to match the main framework of your Terrazza. These beautiful Frameless glass units offer both maximum transparency and premium weather protection from the elements. Sliding the glass panels between is an absolute breeze, securing with a special foot operated lock on the inside, which cuts out the need for bending over.

Pull out screens

The Weinor Paravento pull out screen, allows you to create your own haven of privacy on your property, you can combine the wide range of frame colours with over 140 different, high-quality fabric patterns from Weinor’s moments collection. The special air-permeable, high tech Soltis fabric allows you to create a side-screen that allows you to see through the fabric to the outside, and still enjoy the scenery beyond.


The new generation of Weinor LED lighting, with remote control create a warm, ambient light throughout your internal space and can be dimmed as required to give just the right level of illumination. Available in special weatherproof units, these lights are suitable for use all year round and can be retrofitted as required in your glass room installation.


All Weinor products are compatible with the Tempura Universal heating system, which is capable of projecting over 1,500 watts of heat energy from a tiny housing. It can be controlled via the same remote control as the LED lighting, giving you the ability to instantly create and control directed warmth, which means you can stay outside for longer at any time of the year.

Roll down screens

The are a range roll down screens that have been specially created to work with patio roof systems, using solid fabrics or Soltis sunscreen material, these can be manually gear operation, or electrically operated, with either side guides with optional zipped fabric retention or side guide wires.

Awnings under or over glass

The Sottezza (under glass) and WGM Design (over glass) awning systems can be used in properties with large glass panels to achieve sun protection and anti-glare protection, whilst creating the a degree of privacy from over looking windows and neighbouring properties. These awnings are housed in a neat cassette, allowing them to be virtually hidden from sight when not in use, available in a huge range of colours and fabrics, we have something to suit every property no matter what style the interior or exterior design.

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