Awkward Angles: Steep Headrails for Vertical Blind Installation

Calendar 07/06/2021
Vertical Blinds Case Studies
pentagonal window with vertical blinds

In a typical installation of vertical blinds, the headrail will be parallel with the floor. But what do you do when the window is an irregular shape? In this installation the gable window is pentagonal with the upper edges composed of steep sides meeting at a vertex. 

We were asked to supply and install white rails with 127mm Escalade vertical blinds in palette material for this large shaped window. The blinds had to be installed inside the window reveals. Due to the flat detail at the top of the window we installed the blind as tight to the apex as possible and overlapped the top louvre as high as we could to minimise the gap between the headrails.

The suppliers recommended that the blind be tilt operation only due the the steepness of the angle the headrail sits at. They also recommend that the blinds be operated via a mono control wand which installed at the lower end of the opening.

There were also two side windows that had a more conventional fitting. 

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