Installation: Fire Shutters over a Service Hatch in a Norfolk School

Calendar 28/09/2016
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This week is Fire Door Safety Week. In case you didn’t know, this is the annual reminder to everybody to check that their fire doors and fire shutters are in proper working condition. Fire doors and fire shutters can contain fires in certain parts of the building, allowing time for people to escape in the event of an emergency. At Cooks Blinds and Shutters, we take fire safety extremely seriously. That’s why we were called in by a leading contractor working on a refurbishment project at a Norfolk school to install this fire shutter across a serving hatch.

Fire Shutter at a Norfolk School

The Fire Shutter

This steel fire shutter is powder coated in blue and features a controlled descent. In the event of a fire it will seal off the hatch, significantly slowing the speed at which a fire could spread through the building. The Flameshield 120 Commercial Fire Shutter can be installed into areas up to a maximum size of 10sq m, with a maximum width of up to 4.8m. Larger areas will be accommodated with the Flameshield 240 Industrial Fire Shutter which can achieve a maximum size of up to 30sq m. All of our steel shutters are available in any standard colour and you can sign up for our maintenance contract to ensure that they stay in good working order.

An Essential Safety Precaution

Serving hatches in public buildings are often built into the walls between kitchens and dining halls. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of house fires, so it is essential that a room where a fire is most likely to start can be quickly and automatically cut off from more populated areas of the building. Modern fire shutters are linked into the fire alarm system and deploy automatically in the event of a fire being detected.

A Legal Requirement

Where there is an open hatch between a room containing kitchen equipment and a dining area in a public building, it may be a legal requirement to install a fire shutter. 

Acting now could save lives in the future. Our fitters will quickly assess any relevant hatches and install made-to-measure fire shutters. To arrange an appointment for one of our engineers to visit, give us a call on 01603 410304.

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