Installation: Sectional Garage Doors in Felthorpe

Calendar 07/12/2016
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Last month saw us take a short trip into the beautiful Norfolk countryside to install some sectional Garage doors in the civil parish of Felthorpe. This sleepy village has a population of less than 800 and achieved a modest amount of fame 50 years ago when it was the site of the first ever crash of a Trident jet plane. Fortunately, nothing so dramatic happened on our visit.

The Doors

Sectional Garage Doors - Front shot

The doors we fitted were sectional garage doors from top European manufacturer Hormann. These robust, secure doors open vertically, saving space in front of the garage. You can always spot a Hormann garage door because their section spacing is so even and exact that the transitions are almost invisible on the closed door. A sign of their precise attention to detail in their manufacture 

The Decograin Finish

Side angle of a Hormann Sectional Garage door

If you are looking  for doors that offer the security and insulation of double skinned steel, but also have the attractiveness of a wood, Hormann sectional doors can be finished in Decograin. This UV-resistant synthetic foil coating can be applied to the exterior of the steel panels to give the appearance of timber. In perfect keeping with the aesthetics of a pretty Norfolk village like Felthorpe.

The Decograin finish is offered in five different timber patterns and one anthracite metallic effect. The door will stay looking good for a very long time. It is protected by a UV-resistant plastic film coating.

If you would like any extra information on our sectional garage doors or about any of the Hormann garage doors we supply, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01603 410304 or drop an email to

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